"Artists Shown at IMAG "

Jing-Jy Chen

Jokulo Cooper

Don Griffin

Sonia K. Harris

Olivado Mesa

Gina Sommerlock

Terry Thompson

Patricia Underwood

Linda Uphoff

Kylis P. Winborne

Nicole Griffin

Tony McKissic

Lolita Standard

Dalton Brown

Jim Scipio

Bruce Zockoll

Deborah Shedrick

Elena Preis

Marina Kastalskaya

Choi Gwang Ok

Vladimir Martynov

Bill Johnson

Judith Peck

Larry Scott

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"Que"  By Don Griffin
"Chaos"  By Nicole Griffin
"Flowers"  By Kylis P. Winborne
"Configured Timber"  By Nicole Griffin
"Longing"  By Patricia Underwood
"Seeing Red"  By Sonia Harris
"Rhythm of Music"  By Jokulo Cooper
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"Let the children play"  By Deborah Shedrick
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"After Words"  By Leya Evelyn
"Equilibrium of Large Forms  By  Elena Preis
LeVall Art Gallery & IMAG Collaboration Link
Paper Sculpture  By Elena Preis
Paper  By Choi Gwang Ok
[ All Images, Copyrights of Artist, and may not be reproduced without written permission. ]
"Iron Bench"  By  Bill Johnson
"Untitled"  By  Judith Peck